Saturday, May 21, 2011

This week's highlights!

So much happens in a weeks time, so I wanted to make note of this week before it blows away into "just another week."

1. Spent last weekend with my family in TN. AMAZING. Smells of honeysuckle blooming, campfires and roasting marshmallows with my family, and hearing my Dad speak at a sweet country church with the most awesome pot-luck dinner afterwards. Yes, it does sound like Walton Mountain, and to me... it's just that special. I mean, seriously look at how beautiful it is:

2. Decided and ordered homeschool curriculum! What.a.task. There is nothing like the pressure of the fate of your child's educational future in your hands... haha. We had My Father's World 1st grade given to us, and I am using that in addition to the history/geography and readers of Sonlight (which I found at a STEAL here). I also made a "schedule" of balancing schooling my children and being at the school with our other 210 kiddos. ;)

3. Got our passport photos! That was quite the adventure and I must share those here.
Z's face says "seriously, they are taking me to Africa?"

Plus everyone was asking where we were going that ALL THE KIDS needed a passport. It was a fun opportunity to share what God's doing through LifeSong in Zambia.

4. We talked with several of our partners in ministry, which is ALWAYS a blessing. We have been BLOWN AWAY by how God is using this in their lives, and to have such amazing, amazing people to walk alongside us as we transition to LifeSong and life in Zambia! We love you all SO MUCH!!

5. My neighbor and sweet friend took me yesterday for a pedicure and lunch! AND her mother kept ALL 6 of our kiddos!! (that's 6 kids 5 and under, so yes, she is superwoman) Amazingly sweet, and no... they didn't have to break out the saw like on dumb and

6. Shane bought his ticket to Zambia, leaving at the end of July. He will be gone for 5 weeks to start learning the job, the culture, etc... before the madness comes in September. (that would be me and the kids= madness). *sigh. 5 weeks is a LONG time.

7. Had a nurse come this am to do our medical exam for life insurance changes. That was fun. ha. BUT she did say my BP is "child-like" so I guess that is awesome. As long as it's not so low I'm dead. pahaha. The really neat thing was that she is the adult MK, growing up in Mexico. She was able to share with us things that are important to keep in mind while raising children internationally. (3rd culture kids)... But she said that she is now a nurse because it was so difficult for her to understand why kids around her would die of the measles just because they didn't have a vaccination. She said "I wanted to be able to come back and give them shots... so I became a nurse." Amazing to see how God used that in her life to direct her profession! It was a really neat blessing for us this morning!

8. This is the first Saturday since March that we didn't have "something" on the calendar! HORRAY!

What's on the horizon for next week? ANOTHER Garage Sale, Apply for kids Passports, and Family Pictures! woot!


  1. #7 made me cry...not that it is a hard task...but I just loved reading that!

  2. LOTS of exciting stuff - wow! Glad you were able to decide on a homeschool curriculum decision and get it cheaply! :)