Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Timeline before 1st trip to Zambia post #8 or is it #9?

At this point... here is the breakdown:

*Went to Lifesong HQ... met the amazing people who work there, plus got to see how strawberries are freeze dried + try some tasty kids yogurt bites... who knew that Indiana was the food production capital of the world? (I'm not sure that's true...but it felt like it) While we were there, we felt a peace about moving forward. We knew that going to Zambia would be the next logical step, but when Andy Lehman showed us our possible flight itenirary... I think I almost passed out. So. real. So. real. So. real.

*We had 2 1/2 weeks before we flew to Zambia. Our families were 100% supportive and on board with however God led us. The kids knew we were going to Zambia "to see how we could help some children there" but had no idea of the possible move ahead. Why rock their world unnecessarily? Although, we had MANY conversations that this was not a trip to bring home baby sister... and it didn't sink in because KG still told everyone while we were gone that we went to get her. *disappointed upon our return.

*Fear... so.much.fear. click here and here to read the posts in "real life" time on how God dealt with me through His word.

This is really happening... this could really happen...

*tomorrow morning I am going to post at once all my posts from Zambia... with a video of our pics. Then this story will be all wrapped up. It will be a ton of beware...


  1. you. are. funny.
    ps - we live in Illinois! ;) haha!