Thursday, May 19, 2011

You don't have to go to Africa...

Recently, I've been giving much thought to the position of my heart, my expectations, and how even little comments can so quickly sink into my soul and pollute my mind.

I believe it is certainly evident that God is at work in our lives in ways that are what I would classify as "crazy." When I share this, I have had multiple people say "I'm living vicariously through you!" or "wow, I'm so jealous" or " You guys are amazing." So, I just wanted to share my thoughts on these things.

1. "You guys are amazing." No. And please don't argue. ;) First, I don't want to be tempted to start believing it.... God hates Pride, and it is such a temptation of mine. I want to RUN from it, but it starts to make me "feel" good about "me." Can I just say that I am weak, inconsistent at best, angry at worst, selfish, prideful, lustful, on and on and on. I am NOTHING... without CHRIST. What we are doing isn't something any more wonderful than what our neighbor does who is called to coach basketball, or our brother who is called to work in finance. Obedience is what God wants. That is truly the only thing I offer. He makes MUCH out of LITTLE. So... when I'm sharing our story... I'm doing it to reflect on our mighty, unmatchless, unbelievably loving Father... who wants to multiply my "one basket offering" and make it a feast! (and yours too... which leads me to the next point)

2. "Wow, I'm so jealous" or "I'm living vicariously through you." Don't and Don't be. (*newly inserted... don't start getting all crazy if you said that... I just don't want people to think this is the "best" or "holier" way to serve... because it isn't, and I'm certainly not trying to pass judgement, but rather cause us all to examine our hearts and not be deceived.) Why? Because God wants to do these kinds of things through you! You don't have to go to Africa to see God working. He wants to use us to love on the poor and needy. There are so many ways for us to show Christ's love. Go to the local Housing Authority (or a million other options)... you will find plenty of families there in need of a person to love them and walk life with them. I think we so often limit God's power in our lives because we aren't doing something as "crazy" as moving to Africa. BUT God, at his very nature is awesome... amazing... powerful... "wonder working" (singing hymns now) ... NOT just in Africa... but here... where you are. Don't waste your time living vicariously through me when you can live TRULY right where He has placed you!

Praying that we can all live through Him to do what He has intended for each one of us!!


  1. First of all, I have to say that I love the map of the world at the top of this post. Second, while I agree with you on point 2 I am not so sure about number 1. You begin to sound a lot like Paul (and that's not bad). But Jesus' interaction with the Centurion in Matthew 8 comes to mind when I think about the faith you (and I mean all the McBs) demonstrate in listening to His call. In verse 10 it says that Jesus was amazed by his faith so I think you might have to cut the amazed people some slack. You may just have to deal with it!
    Love you guys!

  2. A quote from Summit last week went along the lines of... none of us are extraordinary, we are just being a light. Moving to Africa out of obedience is reflecting HIS glory and it IS quite Amazing to behold.

  3. I was ticked when I found out you guys weren't coming to Little Rock, and now a little miffed that you're not even going to be on the same continent. But, hey...God is God and we are not. He's gonna continue to do great thing in & through you, as you continue to make yourselves wholly available to Him!

  4. Oh...and I am NOT gonna help you unload at your new home this time. Sorry. Just doesn't seem prudent.

  5. haha... That made me laugh, David... or should i say LOL? haha is out and LOL is in!

  6. Love this post! looking forward to following your adventures in obedience and faith!

  7. Amen sistah! We are missionaries wherever we are and how exciting it might or might not be! People need Jesus EVERYWHERE :D

    Psalm 62:5