Tuesday, September 14, 2010

God's always preparing us....

Well, there has been SO much excitement at our house over the last week! A visit from Uncle Dan, followed by KG's Pixie Dust at Dusk birthday party, tail gated by Zs first soccer game on Saturday (18-4, btw) and ended with a visit from Will and Trey Haun...cattle drive and fountain play! whew.... All this to say.. it has been MORE THAN FUN!

IN the midst of all the fun our family is having was a conversation with our pulmonologist's nurse about E. For those of you who don't know, E has severe asthma. Since the recent hospitalization, we have been discussing with the doctors about triggers and prevention. Last week they tested him for allergies and immuno-deficiencies. The nurse called back and told me all his tests were normal. Not only that, but he is not even likely to be allergic because his IGE (?) or something of that nature is very low... which is good. So we started talking about other possible triggers. That's when I asked about the possibility for testing him for Cystic Fibrosis. The nurses at the hospital recommended that I ask about that, but I had not done that yet...hoping that he actually tested positive for allergies and we would have our answer.
Anyway, when I mentioned this to the nurse, she stated that they would normally test for it, but because it is so uncommon in African American kids they had not. I kindly stated that he is not African American, per say, He is Ethiopian... and there is virtually no way of saying what the CF rate is in Ethiopia. She agreed that this raises some concern and possible need for further genetic testing. Not sure what that means. However, the nurse state that he has many of the symptoms and will be talking to the doctor about scheduling a test. Now we are waiting... and NOT reading any more about it online. I've read enough to scare me, and so I'm calling it a day on that... thank you very much. ;)

I was asked the other day if We would have adopted E if we had known he had asthma... and now possibly something even more severe.... I don't even have to think about the answer. YES.
Why wouldn't I? Yes, I spend many days dragging my kids to Drs appointments. Yes, we watch more TV that I would like because we have 4 breathing treatments a day (and that's maintenance), and yes we spend a ton of money on Drs, hospitals, and 7 daily meds. But I can honestly say I have NEVER thought about "if he were healthy...like we asked" ... what I can say is this... God was preparing us... and still is preparing us... equipping us for His purposes. I wouldn't have thought I could have done this at this point (which is why we didn't specify special needs on his adoption)... but GOD knew otherwise... and I'm grateful for that.
I'm trusting in His power, knowledge, and grace. E is one amazing kid... can't imagine NOT loving him....


  1. He is absolutely precious and we are praying each step of the way!

    Love, Kristie

  2. Rock on, sister friend! He is getting you ready for the future that only He can see. Love your heart!! Your kids are pretty cute too ;)

  3. What gorgeous kiddos...and yes, what a blessing to have E in your lives. Will continue to pray for him! Hugs, Theresa

  4. I can't imagine NOT loving him as well. Precious angel. Praying...