Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Project Life Tuesday... only it's Wednesday and...

...I don't even do Project Life! BUT, I'm trialing (is that even a word?) it to see if I can actually keep up. I'm not particularly organized... so here our week is... in reverse... in no particular order... yeah, this project will totally work...pahahaha

This is us making Mr. McBs birthday cake tonight!

Puzzle cakes from Wilton... It makes a train, rocket, or dump truck! Genius!

This was posted in the ladies room at Babes Chicken... if you know me and diet coke...

Celebrating the Mr.'s Birthday dinner....

Asthma ain't stopping this boy from gettin' his party on!

This week was full of "firsts"... This is Z's first Soccer practice. Dad is the coach! (yes that is E running towards the team... can't keep that kid loose for a second!)

This is our first day of "school"... we started a K curriculum for Z and the other 2 love doing toddler/preschool projects!

The kids started piling toys on top of Dad... and this is where that went...

Ok, really? Every single toy we own? awesomeness... convenient for Mr. McB... He was UNDER the pile... guess who headed up the clean up?


  1. I have to tell you I thoroughly enjoyed this!! Like the person in the movie theater who keeps laughing after everyone else has stopped.. So hilarious!

  2. thanks! you'd find my house quite amusing then! haha