Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Serving Others Together...

First, let me preface this by saying that even the title of this blog post sounds a bit euphoric... So... let me set the record straight... What I'm about to say is all true... BUT is mixed in with tantrums, poor choices, and complete chaos...

Since reading Radical... I've been praying about ways to serve the poor in our community alongside my kids. Our evenings are very full, and the days that aren't are that way intentionally, so I knew I needed something to fit us during the day. Just last week, some gals in our small group at church mentioned that they are going to do MOPS at the Housing Authority in the town where we live. BUT they needed someone to keep the Moms kids occupied while they met. Hmmm... I started to think that we could actually do that! So... today was our first day! We finished our school work before 9:30, the kids played for a while... and then we headed out the door with a BIG O' BAG of some of our favorite toys and games to play. We had about 4 other kids that joined us there... and for 2 hours we just played with them! They were all GREAT! Bubbles, coloring sheets, parachute play, singing, bowling and snacks! It was fun to give our time away like that together.

I used to think that I was in a "stage" of my life that I "couldn't" serve the poor... especially WITH my kids DURING THE DAY! But, I really believe that we can teach our kids all day long within our 4 walls... send them to church every Sunday and Wednesday... but until they learn to interact with people different that themselves, show them love, share their toys, and be in an environment that isn't "their everyday"... our Christianity becomes about us instead of what Jesus really intended it to be about... OTHERS.
My favorite part (we always talk about our favorite parts of our experience or day at home) was seeing my kids play with the other kids and there really wasn't any difference...and they didn't notice any differences. I love that. So... in 2 weeks, we go back and do it again... 3 hours of our time 2xs a month. Small impact, but it offers a BIG experience for us all!

Z's favorite part: "Playing balloons with the other kids."
KG's favorite part: "Playing with the kids, and the kids, and the kids." :)
E's favorite part: "bubbles."

So, before you think anything that you shouldn't... please know that this definitely WASNT easy! It was right during lunch and nap time... the kids were on the edge... my house is a wreck from running out and in so quickly... and again... tantrums occurred, the need to be reminded of sharing occurred, my own frustration...the whole bit... NO EUPHORIA, but well worth the time! I just want my kids to know how to relate to and love many... and honestly... those kids are so lovable this should be a pretty easy one!


  1. That's great! I am reading "Radical" right now. I'm almost finished with it, just finished chapter 7 last night. What an eye-opening and challenging book! I also recommend "Jesus Wants to Save Christians" by Rob Bell and Don Golden. I read this back in January and it made me crave more than just Sunday morning church.

  2. You left out the part where you helped the two people running the MOMS part of it from losing their minds :)

    Ya'll were a God-send. Thank you for doing something so crazy . . . and, well, just being you.

  3. And you left out spending a day cleaning a single mom's house, after a fire, while she was at work, WITH you three kids, so she wouldn't go CRAZY!! :) Your kids are and are going to be such amazing people with the example you're giving them!!