Sunday, June 12, 2011

Another Week, Another Highlight....

While I truly want to "skip" the highlights of the week, I just CANT! I want to jump on to another post I want to write... but we will do it another day!

This week was great! Just the right amount of good times mixed with productivity!

1. Friends and waterslides...

2. I started working with a GREAT gal to give my blog a "makeover" ... and all I can say is... SHE. IS. AWESOME! Can't say much more than that... there's gonna be the big "reveal", including something super FUN!! Stay tuned...

3. Garage Sale: Preparation, and the execution of it! Good times... Friday STUNK! Saturday ROCKED... so I guess we did pretty good! That's the last of our things, and an organization is coming to pick up the left overs in the morning. They pay $.15 per pound and allow us to choose an organization to donate the $ to. We chose to donate it to Walking in Grace Ministries here in our town. They helped widows and their families. It was nice to have their help to get rid of our stuff... and feel good about helping widows, also.

4. STAR WARS: The Mr. felt that it was "time" to introduce the kids to STAR WARS. I was hesitant at first, but I have to say it has been fun. The unexpected part is that there have been some spiritual applications surrounding Anikan Skywalkers big fall into the dark side....

5. Our house is officially "a mess"... and today Z told someone "I don't have a bed anymore, I get to sleep on a blanket." They don't seem to mind! (don't worry, I'm borrowing air mattresses this week)

For next week? AWESOMENESS with a splash of nasty. VBS... All 3 kiddos for 3 hours per day... I have to say that is going to be GREAT all around! Monday the dentist... Wednesday afternoon we go to get our travel immunizations. (that's the splash of nasty). AND then my parents come in town for 5 days!!!!!!! WOOOHOOO!!! Here's to a good week for us all!!


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  1. love it all! the kid's rooms with just their blankets and air mattresses makes this seem all the more real! bitter-sweet for sure! i was thinking about you today, while i was vacuuming out my car of all things, and just how grateful i am to know you! i'm praying for ya'll as the time draws nearer- love you!