Wednesday, June 15, 2011

You Know You're moving to Africa when...

You Know You are moving to Africa when these 3 things happen within a 24 hour period:

1. You have screaming children after receiving their Yellow Fever & Typhoid Shots... (on a side note: I'm pretty sure the nurse was giving the Mr. the bill at this point in the snap... his face is *almost* as painful as KGs)

2. When you get 7 venom extractor kits in the mail... watch out black mamba, the McBs are COMING... (I guess the Mr. is planning on a few snake bites or he's using the perfect # 7... hoping for the latter)

3. When ALSO in the mail you get several letters from a 1st grade Sunday School class from your home town... (insert *Awww* here) My fave is from Abby who says "thanks for *beaning* a witness for Jesus"... super sweet!

Enjoy your Thursday! I'm off to pick up my parents from the airport!!! YAY for amazing parents!!


  1. Wow Mitzi! That is quite a combo! I can only imagine the whirlwind of planning and emotions. Oh and, I like the idea of the lucky #7 version for the snake bite kits far better myself! ;)

    (blog looks amazing too!)

  2. Love the new look, girl! So cute! Poor KG, her face just makes me tear up. Good thing that part's over!

  3. Girl, you are precious! I just love ya! Next time we're together I need to you make me one of these fancy blogs!! Only mine will just have North America for the continent ;) The McBs are definately a "beautiful thing" in the hands of a Mighty Maker!