Sunday, June 19, 2011

Another week in the life....


1. VBS!! WOOT! My kiddos all 3 were in VBS during the morning this week... learning about creation and dinosaurs. Pretty awesome. Straight up, KG is the queen of VBS. Songs... dancing... crafts... snacks...

2. Dentist Visit... We found the most awesome dentist office, McKinney Pediatric Dentistry. They kids did great, minus KG's little kicking and requiring a restraint from me... ha. (It did make it easy to see her teeth) The unfortunate part is E has 4 teeth that need to be capped (luckily in the back or I would request gold ;) ) The development was poor and they are in pretty bad shape, which we knew... thus... the dentist. :(

3. We did have a silly string "fight" to commemorate Shane's last day working with Hope for Orphans and to celebrate all God has done in our lives through our time there... (more to come on that later)

4. My parents are in town!! WOOHOO! My mom is the "organizeanator" so things are getting DONE! And... once a Daddy's girl, ALWAYS a Daddy's girl... so my daddy bought me these boots for Africa for the "farm" and rainy season... (Happy Father's Day to me! ???)

5.RODEO... E found himself in the right place at the right time... and was dubbed the 1st place Sheep Chasing rodeo Champ! Awesomeness... and We ate at one of Fort Worths best BBQ places... Good times...

6. Awesome Birthday Party for some of our favorite twins! (E fell in the pool without his life vest and the Mr. and another great friend jumped in to save him... *neveradullmoment)


Up for next week... Lots of stuff that really isn't "blog-worthy"... paperwork, phone calls, newsletters... BUT the most blog worthy is this : GIVEAWAY!!! We wanted to do a giveaway to celebrate a couple of things... so.. YAY! Stay tuned because on Tuesday we will be posting the details! Whoop!



  1. Awwww... sweet times!!! GREAT pics of the McB's! Glad little E is okay... and now Daddy is even MORE of a hero!! :) Oh, and very nice "farm" boots.

  2. Wow, you've been busy! Love all the pics!