Friday, June 24, 2011

"But God makes it grow..."

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When we were in Zambia the 2nd week of April, one of the big projects going on there was the "Strawberry Project." Luke, the farmer extraordinaire, was working with a consultant from South Africa, along with some amazing and generous people here in the States. SO MUCH WORK went into getting these plants from South Africa TO Zambia. They then drove 4+ hours from Lusaka in a van with ALL OF THESE STRAWBERRY PLANTS... with the AC cranked down... ha. It was like a fridge in there so they say!

They worked on this planting project ALL day EVERY day. Luke, Brian, and the amazing Zambians : both men and women. I saw them learning how to plant strawberries. I saw them take great care of watering... trying to get just the right amount. And to be honest, when I saw the plants... they looked a little... um... peak-ed (as my mom would say)... This is the field as they were being planted....

And now, not even 3 months later, there is this:

And if you want to see MORE... Click HERE

Praise God!! The first harvest is in! What's the purpose of all this, you ask?

on the basic level:


Economic Development

Sustainability for the school project

but on a deeper level:


Pride (the good kind)

Hope for the future

Sitting back and watching this reminds me of Paul, in 1 Cor 3:6 when he says "I have planted, Appolos watered, but God made it grow." (now, I realize he was actually lecturing and giving some conflict resolution at that time) I read that scripture and it just seemed perfect. There were so many hands "planting" and "watering" in this project... working with both their knowledge (through consulting) and their hands (those on the ground). BUT... in all this, God made it grow. Here's to the body of Christ working together... and God's gracious growth!


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