Saturday, June 18, 2011

Jesus and Richard Mark Lee

For those of you who don't know, our amazing church has been without a pastor for almost a year now. Recently, our church announced that the search committee had found a pastor and ultimately our church voted that this was the man to lead us... Richard Mark Lee (now referred to in this blog as RML). The buzz of excitement started around the church... and honestly in my heart!


Here are some reasons I already love this guy and his family:

1. They're from Georgia... and while the VOLS and Bulldogs don't mix... when it comes down to it... SEC ROCKS + It's nice to hear his extreme southern accent... yes, it's different than Texan.

2. He doesn't speak to impress... He speaks to teach truth...

3. He's real... you can just tell it.

4. He's mission minded

5. And Last but not least... He CLEARLY loves orphans and children in foster care.

So... there are the reason's I'm already excited about our new pastor. However... that's not the reason I'm writing this post.

The Lesson learned from RML and Jesus...

Our church held a "meet and greet" reception with a "gift card" pounding for their family. (the whole "pounding" thing is old school, but I'm a fan of old school AND loving our pastor's family)

So... the week before, I kept thinking "Ok, this is our first impression... the gift card... what should we get? Our favorite restaurant? Go simple and do grocery gift card? Gas gift card? Ice cream? (bc it's hot as blazes here) WHAT SHOULD WE GET HIM?!?!?!"

I was out and about during this tornado in my brain and I happened to look into my purse where I saw a "used" gift card from the week before. A gentle voice came to me... "What if you gave him that? That used up gift card? That's certain to make an impression. Only, that's what you are giving me. How many times have you thought today 'Lord, WHAT SHALL I GIVE YOU TODAY?' My time? My love? My thoughts? WHAT?"

I think that so often we can get caught up in man... the impression of man... the appearance of man... to work for man... not God.

So, I had to cleanse my heart and ask God to forgive me where I have put man over God. RML is just another man.

A good man.

A good family.

But still man.

Not God.

My worship must come from a love for God. My church attendance must come from a love for my Savior. And even the love for my pastor and his family must come from an overflow of my love for my sweet Jesus.

So... while our church is celebrating this time of newness and anticipated ministry... My prayer is that our true worship is of the purest form... pointed at our Savior who so clearly blesses us, whether we have a pastor or not...

*Oh, and BTW... we went with the ice cream gift card... and the kids had cheeto hands while holding the card... not exactly the impression I was hoping


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  1. Exactly what I needed to hear today. Hard, but thanks! Rejoicing that your church has found a pastor - and even more so that Jesus is even greater! :)