Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Beautiful Things...

Welcome to the "new" look! I'm super excited about it, myself, and think Jenn did a FAN-TABULOUS job!
This makeover has been a while in coming! I wanted to do it myself, but I realized I have some MAJOR limitations when it comes to graphic design. (along with many other major limitations...ha!)

When I started this blog, it was a place to share some ministry with Hope for Orphans, life in the McB house, and the pursuit of our adoption of a little girl... (which, btw, we know God is going to orchestrate in His timing) but we NEVER anticipated MOVING TO ZAMBIA!!

The only way I can describe what God has done in our lives... and what we witnessed in the lives of the amazing children we will be living life with... is the song "You make beautiful things out of the dust"...

Truly, We can't believe He has redeemed our lives in such a way that He would use us like this. And when we see the hope that comes out of the dust in Zambia... We are simply in awe of our creator! I hope you will browse through all the new "places" on the blog. My favorite is "Meet some Beautiful Things..." They aren't a statistic or just a face... but real kiddos... whom I can't wait to be with. My mother's heart is already LONGING for September! (and Jealous of the Mr. who leaves in 5 WEEKS!!!!)

Hope you like the new look...


  1. So great Mitzi!! Glad to have a place to follow you on your journey while we are apart.

  2. LOVE it! It looks great, and I am so excited to follow your journey!

  3. Looking good. I'm so excited to be a part of this. Riley asked today if he could come visit Z in Zambia!