Sunday, June 5, 2011

Weekly Highlights: brought to you by Walmart

Man, time flies by... and honestly this week seems like a blur. When you start to write down all that has happened in a week, you either think "How did I do that?" or "What in the world did I do this week?" Unfortunately, mine was the latter this week. There are days that I'm certain me and 3 small humans could disappear for 9 hours a day and NO ONE would notice!! But seriously, with all the change going on in our "environment", I'm trying super hard to keep our daily routine just that... routine. The kids need predictability and they need my attention and time... so ... this week was just that. A usual week with a few things added in...

1. We celebrated Memorial Day with AMAZING friends and GREAT BBQ... swimming, etc! Quite the treat!
2. I did get all the homeschool stuff I ordered... which made me realize how great of a nerd I really am... wow. Scary how exciting one can get over educational material. ( a total shocker if you knew me 15 years ago)
3. I took the kids to the pool several times this week, along with a spray-ground... tons of fun... and yesterday Z started to swim underwater on his own!! A HUGE accomplishment!! Check out this video:

4. We sold our beds, bike and trailer, and camping gear...
5. The Mr. took E to get his hair "cut" and ended up getting it BUZZED... that's the last time Mr. McB takes E to a barber shop and says "whatever you think is best..." eek!

6. I did schedule travel immunizations for 2 weeks out! (you can start praying now, thanks)
7. And possibly the funniest thing of the week....
We are cleaning out for the garage sale (yeah, the one I SHOULD have had this week, but seriously this coming week we are DOING IT!) and so I took some of the money from selling the bed and went to replace some stuff we will need in Zambia. For example, we are selling all of our dishes and glasses... and we are taking some plastic, yet cute, to Zambia with us. We figure they are light-weight and durable. (one certain friend can lecture me about buying and eating off of plastic later... you know who you are ;)) Anyway, the Mr. also asked me to get a couple of towels to take because ours are 10 years old and on their last leg. So, I had my cute Better Homes and Gardens PLASTIC plates in the cart, with PLASTIC cups, and some towels. Yes, they are cute. So.... I'm waiting in the checkout line and the lady in front of me and the cashier start commenting on how cute my stuff is. "Thanks"... I say. Then the cashier says "I'm doing good if my towels match my shower curtain!" The shopper in front of me says "Yes, some people care too much about their stuff." Inside my head I'm trying to process this... I realize that I guess I LOOK as if I am just out getting the next cute thing. I just say "I'm moving and we are getting rid of our glass stuff." She walks on and the cashier then asks, "Where you moving to?" I say "Africa" and the guy pipes up behind me in a very *Chris Wheeler country voice "What in the #@* are you going to that hot place for?" I quickly tell him and the cashier. He said "Have you ever heard of that Craigslist? You can really sell stuff on that." (BTW, I LOVE people like this man... good country man trying to be helpful... LOVE it) I say "Yes, i think we are selling some stuff there." The cashier then asks "Do you have a TV?" At this point I'm thinking... who needs Craigslist... just come to WalMart... and didn't this conversation start by accusing me of being attached to "stuff?" Just makes me laugh... and No, I didn't sell my TV to the cashier.

On the books for next week? You guessed it! GARAGE SALE... our anniversary, our last supper with the amazing HFO staff, and a surprise... working on a "facelift" for this here blog. ;)

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  1. So funny...I can just picture the "country man" behind you. I experience it daily :) And love it.